join a league.


Yes, we have them! Currently, The Axe Parlor is hosting leagues with Wednesday evening being the “Choose Your Own Weapon Recreation League.” You can choose from either throwing axes, knives or stars and can switch to any of them in-between matches.

We also have a “Sunday Brunch Hatchet Only Recreation League.” In this league you’ll really get the chance to fine tune your axe throwing skills and have a blast playing against others doing the same.

Check the book now section on our website to find the dates, times and pricing. All leagues run for 8 weeks! Anyone in a current league is allowed to practice anytime for just $10 an hour as long as lanes are available.


Sunday evenings is when we hold our WATL sanctioned league. It’s also really fun. A little more competitive. We have some really great throwers for this. It’s always hard but fun to play against better throwers. But, it only makes you better in the long run. Everyone in this league will be part of the WATL family. Which means you’ll get registered and can track your progress and world standings online. No matter when or where you throw in any WATL competition. Pretty cool, right?

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